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Those whom they serve are limited in how they can treat or abuse their slaves. Most others are criminals that are beyond banishment, but still they are treated much more fairly than those had been on earth. It is not unlike the way the Vikings of old did with those they captured, but we learned to treat them far better than they were treated in Earth’s Past.”“I think I understand sir,” I replied, “but what crimes would constitute that level of punishment?”“Rape, arson, and theft are the primary ones, though there are many others that would also land someone there.”I nodded and asked, “I was punished because I murdered someone and that had never happened before, could that have landed me in slavery?”“Yes I see how that would be confusing,” Tyr said with a chuckle. “You were the first adventurer to kill another, whether in the same pact house or another. Since it had never happened before and because we wanted to deter the same thing from happening again, the council decided the most. “Come on. Stop upsetting yourself now. Everything’s fine.”More than anything else I was concerned about Stephen.“Is…is Stephen ok. Really?” “I think he’s more upset about you not coming round to see him.”I felt really bad.“I’ll phone him.”“He’ll like that.”“I’ll phone him tonight.”“Come round.”“I’d rather phone him first.”“Ok then.”He took his hand off my arm.“All right then, Mr Roberts.”I was about to go when he stopped me.“It wouldn’t matter, you know.”“What?”“If you were. You and my son. If you were gay. It wouldn’t matter.”“But we’re not.”“I know but I’m just saying. If you were it’d be no big deal.”“Yeah, well…we’re not, so…”He put his hand back on my shoulder. “I’m really ok with you and my son. And I’ve said the same thing to Stephen.”“I’ll phone him. He’s my best mate.”“I know. I know how close you two are.” “We’ve been best mates for years.”“I know you have, which is why it’d be stupid to let something like this spoil it.”“It won’t, Mr Roberts. I’ll phone him like I said.”“It.
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