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Louis the next day, bound for Cairo, where we were due to discharge five passengers.The pirate attack pool was going strong before we even got away from the dock at St. Louis, and everybody had bought tickets by the time we had been underway for an hour. Some people even bought more than one ticket! Gambling fever had reached epidemic proportions.Most of the passengers headed for the gambling halls as soon as we got underway. In fact, a few didn't wait that long. The men's gambling room had nothing but tables for poker and a little booth where a beautiful woman (the only woman in the room) sold chips. Logan had said that there would be less trouble if we always dealt in chips, not in cash. Not having any reason to argue, we went along with him.This booth was never unattended, so it was possible to buy or trade in chips at any time of the day or night. A few passengers had headed for the chip booth as soon as they came aboard, and, except for certain necessary body functions, never. Some were actually smiling, and none stared at us with the fear we'd seen earlier in the week. Sergeant Kylon was standing at the centre of the busy area, looking around with a satisfied expression, shouting orders to another man, who seemed to be sending runners and relaying orders to those on patrol. It was organised, quiet, and unobtrusive. There were even nobles wandering about shopping; I wondered if one of the pretty doll-like women was Habren Bryland, and if so, whether Zev – or Aedan – would pick her pockets. I grinned at the thought. I wanted to ask Alistair what was going on, but with helmets on and errands to run, I figured it would have to wait.Leliana popped into the shoe store and the tailor's shop where she'd ordered me the gown, coming out with wrapped parcels tucked into her pack. We picked up some spices, some bread and cheese, some clothing changes for everyone – apparently Leli had ordered them a few days prior – and some cookies, for Sten. I stopped at a jewelry.
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