Chloe And Lezzy Office Sex Escapade

"So what does she look like?" She pretty hot. She's got brown hair it's cut short. She's got these big tits. God they're fucking beautiful. When she jerks me they fucking sway and jiggle it's so fucking cool." Does she get naked?" I asked a little dry mouthed."Nah, the first time she had all her clothes on but she let me feel her up. The second time she took her shirt and bra off and she let me play with them for a bit." How many times has she done it?" I asked adjusting my now hard cock."Just the twice but I know she'll keep doing it." Have you seen her cunt?" Na, she says that we can't fuck because she doesn't want to get in trouble. She might though." The last he added quickly as almost a rebuttal to his previous statement."You lucky bastard."We both just laughed."So did you finish when she did it?" I asked."Oh man. Both times I blew the biggest load ever. I think you cum more when it's with a chick than when you just jerk yourself." So what does she do with it?" The first time it. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, pulling the curtains to keep our privacy and turning the light on. I told her to take her trousers off and as she did so I took off my T-Shirt so that I was standing in front of her with only a pair of her barely black tights on. Anne unbuttoned her trousers and let them fall to the floor, a sight that I had longed to see for many years.I stepped towards her and lifted her T-Shirt over her head and reached around the back to unbutton her bra, exposing her slightly saggy breasts. Anne covered them with her arms, embarrassed by their appearance, I reassured her that I was fully aware that she was 63 years old and that it wasn’t anything unexpected, I explained that I still found older women attractive.I began kissing her neck as my hands slid up her tights covered thighs, she moaned in pleasure as I could feel her relaxing. She whispered into my ear that what we were doing was so wrong and that she wasn’t sure she could look her.
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