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Before I realize it, though, I’m captivated by your irises, their dark turquoise hue hypnotizing me, making me unable to move, flooding my head with telepathic pictures.I see your joyous beam just before your lips crash on mine and we begin our familiar mating ritual, although we have just met. Our touches ardent, the kisses urgent, my teeth sinking into your neck as my hands seek your heavy bosom, freely dangling, unrestrained by the omitted unnecessary garment under your thin, translucent blouse. We lose ourselves in the passion burning in our hearts with the heat and brightness of a supernova.Your moans spurring me on to explore every inch of your skin, every curve of your body with my fingers, my nose, my tongue... I am but a serf to your pheromones. Our hands venture to places kept hidden from daylight as your pout casts itself at mine again. We only allow us to part so my fangs graze the skin of your cleavage that seems to run endlessly deep, so invitingly plunging.Unable to. We passionately kissed for about 10- 15 minutes. We didn’t go over that and we returned home after it and went to sleep and all the night I was thinking about her. On the next day when no one was in the house I found her in the kitchen. I went and hugged her tightly from the back and kissed her neck for some time. She took my hands off and said to me “this is wrong” and went to her room. But I know she was ready for this so I went behind her and locked her room and quickly hugged and started kissing her. With a little bit objection at first then she started to respond well. After kissing for some time, I removed her saree and she was in blouse and petticoat. I carried her and made her sit at a nearby desk, kissed her and then removed her under wear. I smelled it, licked it and then I inserted my head into her petti coat. She had a hairy pussy. I plucked one of the hairs around the pussy with my mouth for which she made a noise in pain. Then I licked her pussy like a dog and fingered.
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