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So we gathered up all our things and packed the van up and off we went.After about 20 or 30 mins into the drive we finally make our destination and now it's dark. We had made it there early enough to get a good parking spot. Dead center... Once we parked, my mom says ok, k**s, you two sit in the front seats while your father and I sit in the back. Awesome I thought, we never get to sit in the front seats, for anything! So as my sister and I get our things all situated up front. Our parents make a run for the concession stand to go get us some drinks and popcorn.As they do, I begin to look around at all the other cars while waiting for them to come back and then I notice.... Where are all the other k**s? Are we the only k**s around? So my parents come back and I mention this to them. And my dad quickly responds with. It's a drive in Jimmy. Not a playground. I'm sure there are many k**s here you just cant see them in the cars since its so dark out. So I thought nothing of it. And began. She was just as beautiful as before, but something wasdifferent; I realized it was the look of great sadness on her face. 'I thinkyou know why I'm here,' she told me."In my heart of hearts, I did know, but couldn't admit it to myself, so I lether go on. 'You have abused your wish terribly. I granted your transformationbecause I thought it would be an opportunity to unlock the love in yourheart; to let you find fulfillment, and share it with others. Instead, youhave spent almost every moment on empty, surface pleasures. There's so muchmore to life as a woman than displaying beautiful clothes.'"I tired to protest. 'It's not like I hurt anyone!' I pleaded."'No,' she said, 'You haven't hurt anyone, except me, but wish fulfillmentbrings with it more than a responsibility not to do harm; it also carries aresponsibility to do good. You have failed me, and yourself. Remember, I toldyou that the wish would be reviewed after one year, and could be altered orrevoked.'"Now I was getting nervous..
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