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It was actually rather beautiful, and it continued on until both women shared a simultaneous orgasm."Ok girls, you've proven to me that you can work well together. Holly, how would you like a turn on the machine?" asked Isaac.Holly grinned. "Can I? Can I please?!" she squealed."Of course. Alice, are you ready to come down?"Having endured almost a dozen orgasms from the anal pounding she had received and the buzzing of the vibrator against her clit, Alice looked like she was struggling to stay conscious. She gently nodded and Isaac turned off the machine and the vibrator. Removing her gag and untying her wrists, he caught her as she fell into his arms and gently laid her out on the bed. He turned to back to the machine and smiled as the sight of Holly licking the dildo clean."Master, can I use this second part too?" she asked, seeing the unused dildo on the retracted piston."Ah, I figured you would want the double-penetration. Sure baby, just hold on and I'll get it ready."While Donna. It’s a struggle now, to maintain this delectable restraint they have exhibited upon the bed. They convince themselves that it may never happen again --and that may very well be so-- to spur on this intimate experience for as long as possible.With each drawn out thrust and stroke, they go further and further than they had ever been in their young lives, further distance than they have ever run before. They forget more and more of what they've left behind. Their soothing cries and gasps are not borne of weariness, but they declare that they never want to go back to where they were, how they were, before.He rears his head back, raising it so he could look deep into her beautiful, wide eyes. He prays he doesn’t look like a fool straining at the stress. For a sudden moment, a touch of sadness creeps into his mind, of a life of want and struggle. A feeling of longing for me --not for him, but for her-- pains deep within his belly.Then a set of gentle fingers reach up and stroke his cheek..
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