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Can I just crawl into your sleeping bag? There should be enough room…” “Yeah sure. We’ve got to stay dry and warm.” Ash watched her pull her yellow shirt over her head and gazed at her light blue bra. It wasn’t hiding much, seeing as Misty wasn’t exactly a busty lady, but she had decent breasts. The she sat down and pulled off her shorts before turning around and crawling toward Ash and the opening to the sleeping bag. The memory of Misty crawling toward him in her underwear was seared into Ash’s memory forever. Misty slid into the bag next to him, touching quite a bit of skin as she did so. She smiled at him and snuggled up close. Ash put an arm around her, trying to make it seem somewhat real. “It’s a lot warmer with someone else in here… thanks Ash.” Misty looked up at him with those big green eyes sparkle up at him. Ash was mesmerized by them. “No problem Misty, it’s like I said…” Ash didn’t finish the sentence. Looking into Misty’s eyes then, he couldn’t help himself. He leaned. Searching for that heavenlyspot. I slowly slid a finger in. As the waves of pleasure started washingover me I got a wicked idea. I hoped the suction would work. I popped thedick off the counter top and repositioned it on the smooth tiled wall. Itstayed in place as I turned and presented 'my lover' with my tight asshole.I bent at the waist and imagined Robert back there. I swayed backwards untilI felt the head press at my entrance. I held my breath and leaned back inone hard motion, impaling myself on my lover?s rod. I rocked forward barelycontrolling myself. Gasping now because it felt so good. I didn't dare touchmyself. I reached forward and could just touch the edge of the sink. Withthe handhold I really began rocking, fucking my lover for every inch. Icould almost imagine Robert back there, grasping my hips as he reamed myasshole. Harder and harder, barely pausing between motions. I kept pushingup and back until I finally felt the cool ceramic tiles bump against myupturned cheeks..
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