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“Oh yes thank you I’ll see he gets it back dear” The door dinged again as she left once more. He took a breath not knowing that he was holding it so as to not give his presents away. He got back to work, no one came to the office as he had told her he didn’t want to be bothered no matter what. This was an attempt to keep the monster from her.Weeks went by, he continued to see her. She would now seem a little warmer to him. Something more in her voice as she talked to him. Not interest at all, just more a comfortable. He was in the front room by the big windows when it happened. It was her day off and didn’t expect to see her today. He didn’t even think about it. He looked from the table while speaking with a client about his project as she walked by. It stopped him mid sentence. Flip flops, short tight shorts, tight tank top, hair pulled up, sun glasses. It was a vision. Toped the whole thing off but the yellow string hanging out her top and over the shorts tops…. Bikini. It’s been a long day and I need a drink.” Maria laughed as Becca took Megan by the hand and pulled her out the back door. Adam snorted in laughter and followed the two women.The back yard was the most impressive exterior that either Brownell had ever seen. The closest thing either could think of was something from Hollywood or a Beverly Hills mansion. It was on the north side of the mansion, so it was out of the direct sunlight. It was large and expansive, a patio with several levels of multi-colored granite decking tiles. There were several bronze-and-glass patio table sets, a large granite fire pit to the side, and a matching granite walkway down to a swimming pool and hot tub. A wet bar and large stainless-steel grill were near the house. Several French doors went into the house. It looked like something out of Architectural Digest, only nicer.“My God! It’s gorgeous!” exclaimed Megan, standing and taking in the view with awe.“What she said,” added Adam. He too was stupefied by the.
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