Punjabi Randi Fucked In Fields Part 2

30pm they walk out side the mall to parking area,they talk each other seriously at last he smiled , he took bag in back seat, she get in front seat he start driving , Iam sart driving and follwing, he driving fast , he change the direction of my home and getting highway to San Francisco he driving more fast, after 6.30 he stop car near shop, and he going to buy somethin and come back start driving , I remember that he got beach villa at Presidio , I was go once with him, I know that they going to his villa,after 7.20 they reached Presidio , agin he stop car near to beer shop, some bottle and come back ,He driving near to costal area and reach his villa park car and they get in there he swich on lights , I am park car near road and walk to his villa wait beach, I call her mobile swiched off , after few minute she coming out balcony sit in chair, he smiling come in with two glass siting near her chair and one glass give to her, she rejected , I know that she never drink I am give to her. Ross actually liked the feel of the hot shaft of the master through the thick leather."Good answer, boy... This is a great place for some sex-ed..." Laughed the master. "I am Master Tom. And that is my slave Gunter... Take it up a notch boys. Let's show this virgin how it is really done!". The guy fucking Gunter pulled out. And a grungy-looking guy in Leather pants and denim jacket slammed his rod into the slave. Making him Yelp. Even though his throat was roughly being filled by 2 cocks face-fucking the pig simultaneously."Jesus!... Gunter must be a ventriloquist, Sir... He can yell with his mouth full of cum..." joked Ross to master Tom. The master laughed vigorously and stuffed Ross's hand down his fly. Ross felt the semi-erect tool grow in his hand. He tried to stroke it. But the thing was so long he could not reach the end of it. Ross stroked the thick phallus as both master Tom and Ross watched the action. "Those are some damned cool looking leather pants!" sighed Ross, a.
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