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But still, they were beautiful."Talon?" I breathed hesitantly, hoping that his name or my voice would bring a response. But nothing happened; he just hovered a scant inch from the spell keeping him imprisoned and let his gaze bore into mine. Trying the link we shared, I found the presence on behind the barrier different, changed. I could tell that the being on the other side was technically the same, but the mind was vastly different. It was as if someone had forced upon him the mindset of a storyline denizen of evil. It wasn't insanity, exactly, but very close. Almost chaotic.Chaotic?I gasped. Talon wasn't his only name - it was given to him later. His brother Zaire had been known as Carnage, making the being that stood before me -"Chaos."His lips twisted into what should have been my favorite half-smile, but was warped by malice and the promise of pain.It made me shiver, though I couldn't tell if it was in fear or anticipation."About time, Little Cat." His voice contained the. My eyes and mouth opened wide immediately and I threw my hands onto his chest as first instinct to saving my asshole. He pulled his cock out all the way immediately and smacked both my ass cheeks with more force, grabbed my wrists forcefully again, and moved them to my ass saying, "I told you to keep your fucking hands on your ass! Right here! Don't you fucking move them!" Before I could say or do anything, other than place my hands on my cheeks, he forced his huge cock all the way back in my ass right away. One of my hands came up again instinctively but before I touched his chest to hold him back, Reggie gave me this look like it would be one of my last moves and I threw my hand back on my ass so fast, I slapped my own ass. He turned his head up letting out a laugh to the ceiling knowing that he had not only conquered my ass, but even my own instincts to stop the pain. He looked straight down into my dizzied eyes and calmly said, "Now you're being a good bitch. That was all just.
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