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I hope you don't feeloffended?" Sally hastened to assure him that we didn't feel offended inthe least and that we would be happy to spend the evening him and Bob.At this point Bob returned with our drinks and sat down next to me. Ifelt myself going all weak inside and lowered my eyes to the table. Icould sense Sally grinning with amusement.As I say, I had no idea what had come over me. It was howeverundoubtedly true that I was very attracted to Bob. On closerexamination, he clearly was a little effeminate; his gestures just thatbit too flamboyant and his clothing slightly too tight. Still who was Ito question his mannerisms and dress sense? I was the man sitting therein a tight leather miniskirt and heels, nervously patting my femininelystyled hair!!The four of us sat there, sipping our drinks and getting to know eachother. Gradually my heart stopped racing and I was able to regain mycomposure. Bob and Keith both worked for a major insurance firm in townand, from what they said,. The movie was starting at eight, so just before it began, Katie went into her room to change into her nightclothes. The usual, a tee-shirt, Panties but no bra tonight. She was curious how Brody would react to her unfettered breasts! She got excited thinking about it and could feel her panties getting wet. It was a bit warmer tonight. So, no blanket. Brody turns up in his usual tee-shirt and boxers. They sat on the couch and snuggled together. Tim had drunk a few beers with dinner and started to nod off in his armchair even before the movie began.About an hour into the movie, Tim began to snore lightly. Brody wrapped his arm around Katie’s shoulder. Her panties were so wet she could smell her arousal and wondered if Brody could smell her. It wasn't long before Brody’s arm relaxed, and his hand wandered across to her tee-shirt. It was a bold move with Tim in the room, but Brody felt compelled to explore. He gently placed his hand against the side of her breast and then seemed to pull.
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