"This girl had many sisters, and because they were older, and prettier, no one paid any attention to the girl. And time passed, until the girl was old enough that men thought her too old to take as a wife. She was saddened greatly, but her uncle told her not to worry, and that he would love her and take care of her. She wanted to marry her uncle, but of course that was forbidden." She paused for a second, and then astonished me by facing my peephole, briefly, and winking!"And love her he did."Penny leaned forward and whispered the next line of her story."In ways most people would believe were wicked and sinful."She leaned back and spoke normally again."But the girl didn't care, because she loved her uncle, and she loved the time they spent together."She paused for a handful of heartbeats."And then everyone was surprised. An elder Lord's wife had died, and he wished to marry. He hadn't much to offer a woman, but the girl was a drain on her father's estate, and marrying her off would. June regretted her morning choice, but a strong minimizing bra was always her go-to to not attract unwanted attention. Speaking of unwanted attention, it was then she realized all three other chosen interns had similar back pain pillows while also looking like they weighed under 50kg, as she did. This meeting of busty petites would have surprised her even at a night club (from what she remembered of the one time she was dragged to one of those) so out of a bunch of interns, this was a coincidence of ridiculous proportions. No time to dwell on the thought; there might have been a few years in her life when she could have pulled her arms inside her shirt, contortioned her arms to peel off the tight spandex under her shirt, and pulled it out like a necklace, but those C-cup years were long gone. Taking off an undergarment that was designed to keep her leading ladies in check was a chore to put on and even more so to take off. Once her three busty friends each had an extra-large bra in.
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