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We were told that we would be leaving for Camp Merrill near Dahlonega, Georgia to begin the Second, or Mountain, Phase of Ranger Training on Saturday, the eleventh.All of those who had completed the First Phase of Training were given an eight hour pass on Friday. Actually, we Agency people got a longer pass since we didn’t have the Army’s inspections and debriefings to go through. Our Agency Trainers kept our weapons while we were gone. They still weren’t aware that Carry and I still had our pistols with us, or they didn’t care, one or the other. A small bus carried us into main post where we caught a ride into Columbus. I called our folks on our cell phone while Carry rented a car, and we hit the road for Atlanta, some one hundred miles away, and our parents house on the east side of it, which added another forty miles or so.And yeah, we drove like a pair of fools and were nearly home in a bit over three hours even stopping at several places for food to make up for some of the meals. I watched his eyes light up.By the time we arrived at the labs Colonel Connelly, Patrick, was jumping toopen doors for me.Following a brief inspection of the site I was asked to accompany the Colonelto lunch. We talked for over an hour in the canteen, where he told me of hisvarious desert adventures across a Steak Diane. I managed to coax most of hislife story out of him, if an occasional "What happened next?" could becounted as coaxing. I was impressed by his stories, and I know he wasjustifiably proud of his career and accomplishments to date. Lunch ended withhim scribbling his base address and phone number on a napkin and pressing itinto my hand, which he held for an unknowingly long time whilst he held mygaze. I dropped my eyes first, of course. I didn't want to appear anythingother than subordinate. You know, I wanted him to feel dominance and controland all those other male attributes that tie a man to a woman like strings.And he was tied.Why was I doing all these things?.
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