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And for whatever reason, Sondra had decided to let her. Not that she regretted that decision; she considered Zsofia a friend, even if she was at times a bit strange. But that was more or less expected of a Tri Omega; being strange was kind of their thing."I think you're scrumptious," Zsofia said, "but I've got something to add to it." You do?"Zsofia smiled, that strange, tempting smile, and guided Sondra over to her mirror. With both of them watching Sondra's reflection, Zsofia stood behind her, her hands waving slowly over the shape of Sondra's body like a stage magician trying to be overly theatrical, except in Zsofia's case it was actually working. And then Zsofia produced a silk choker, sporting a large red stone in the center. She deftly slipped the thing around Sondra's neck, and pressed their cheeks together as they examined her with it on."Now you are just a gem," Zsofia purred. "You want my advice? Whatever fun you and Barry have tonight, don't take this thing off."Sondra. The second blow came without warning, not even the prescience afforded bythe movement of air. His slap was still tingling on my skin, the heat beatinginto my tender breast, as His voice came again. "I did not give you permissionto move those arms, slave." A frown creased my brow, even as the tears stung at my eyes and my breastthrobbed at the impact of His hand. i don't understand, i called in the darknessof my mind. In my confusion i let my arms drop again, and scarcely had i doneso when a third crack of flesh on flesh preceded a harsher, more painful sensation. This time i cried out, yelling into the cloth gag, arching my back as ifthat could somehow eliminate the pain. And His voice again, with no change of tone or pitch. "I did not give youpermission to move those arms slave." i wept into the cloth over my eyes. What was i doing wrong? i thought i wasobeying. How was i making these mistakes, why had i failed? "Those arms are a problem to you, i can see that," He whispered, His.
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