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Angels body was shaking as it inched closer to that same pressure from earlier. Greyson grabbed ahold of her ponytail forcing her to take his cock deeper down her throat causing her to gag. Her body was starting to relax the more this went on. Max’s hand roamed her body, pinching and pulling at her nipples and clit. Angel was enjoying this... she didn’t want it to stop. Greyson groaned as he was getting close already. “This bitch has an amazing mouth. Oh god, I’m going to cum. And you’re going to swallow it, do you understand me?” He said as he slapped her across the face. She could only nod. Max grinned as he knew he’d just gained a new slut. “You’re going to be a good girl and take my cum too right?” He whispered in her ear with a grin. In a dazed state of mind, she nodded not entirely sure what she’d just agreed too. He smirked as he quickened his pace holding her tightly against him as he shot his warm cum deep inside her. Angel quivered as her legs seemed to lock and her pussy. If you, Devi, and Gustavo agree, so do I. I can only imagine what that would be like, to share a house with so many regular lovers. With any luck, we’d all be swapping beds and partners on a daily basis! Imagine if everyone were intimate with everyone else!” Sherry told me while caressing Devi’s hand and winking seductively at Gustavo.“I’m on board,” Gustavo spoke up at last, making it clear that he had overheard.“Me, too, but it’s not really up to me,” Brittany blushed.“Same here,” Rich coughed.“Whatever Mistress wishes, I shall do,” Sanjay said, adding his assent.“And, of course, Rajiv just texted me that he agrees. Rajiv doesn’t like to say much. He prefers to text. He listens a lot and says very little. I don’t know if it’s shyness or shrewdness on his part, to be honest,” Devi explained, while Rajiv resumed taking orders from patrons, none of whom seemed phased by this whole discourse played out in front of them.“Outcaste culture, in case you’re wondering. We outcastes tend to.
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