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Wilson had allowed her to take charge of the work, and she wanted him to be proud. He had left for the day. Few people were still in the HQ building. It was quiet. When she was ready to leave she passed out of her area, locking up, and passed down the hall, approaching the offices of the CO and XO. A door opened, and Capt. Billings appeared in the door way as she passed. "Hello, Lovall. Working late?" "Yessir, Captain." "Come in a second, Lovall. I meant to talk to you." They entered the first open area and then went into a single office space. Billings locked the door after them. He went to his chair and sat. Pointing to a chair, he motioned for Lovall to sit. She did, smiling as she did so. She was hoping this would turn out well. "So, Private. You recall our little training exercise awhile back? Yes, that was an interesting field exercise. Don't you agree?" "Sir, I do, sir. If it pleases the Captain, I really enjoyed it. A lot. I love that kind of training. I'd really like to do. Jackie crawled up on top of me and kissed me gently before answering my earlier question."Yes," she said, "If you say yes, then I'll stay with you forever and never think twice."Holding her tightly and looking into her eyes, I responded, "I think you're right, and we should date to see if we're compatible otherwise. We already know that we love being naked together, so I'm pretty sure everything else will fall into place."Laughing softly to herself, she asked, "Do you think we dare eat a meal together, in public, with clothes on?"I laughingly replied, "Who eats meals while dressed?" Alright, we compromise, "Jackie continued, "We'll wear clothes, but no underwear, so that you can pleasure me throughout the meal." Does that mean you'll be wearing a dress?" I inquired"I prefer really short skirts," she managed just before assaulting me with deep french kisses. Breaking away again, she panted, "I know that we've had a ridiculous amount of sex in the last twenty-four hours, but I can't.
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