Famous Desi Couples Pussy Licking And Fucking Part 161

.” He paused as if unable to continue then raised his head to look at me. I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye. “I realised how much I loved you. And that I probably always had,"he paused “I’m really, really sorry Amy. I’ve ruined everything now, haven’t I?” The silence that followed seemed to last half my life. “You... you love me?” I asked, trying hard to understand. “I’ve been lying there thinking about it ever since.” “But I’m your sister...”I said, finally forcing myself to look into Jake’s eyes. “And the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.” A look of pain, emotion and, yes, perhaps even real love passed over his face. My mind was in utter turmoil. Every sane thought told me that what Jake had done was outrageous, terrible and yet… “Would you... Would you like to… to kiss me... again?” There! I’d said it. A look of stunned surprise passed over his handsome face and if I’m honest, mine too. Where had the words come from? “Amy!” he exclaimed as if unable to believe his. “No one has ever touched me like that before. It is awesome.” His balls were now well up into the firing position and after only about six or seven strokes, he tensed up and blew a nice fresh string of cum onto his belly. The quantity was down a bit but there was still plenty for me to lick up and enjoy. Then I said “well come on, we have a day’s work in front of us. I hope you have some strength left” smiling as I left the room. A few moments later Brett appeared still naked and his dick was still about half up as he headed for the bathroom. I nearly followed him but was somehow able to resist the temptation.We both dragged ourselves into work mode and after some breakfast, we headed off to the site. It was a nice sunny day and our mood was soon as happy as ever even though we felt somewhat drained of energy following our first night away from the home environment. The time went by fairly quickly and by mid morning we were proceeding well. The section of fencing we were building ran.
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