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" I'm sorry, sweetie, I didn't realize." Don't worry, Liam. If nothing else, this will give me closure. You were right. I'm feeling better about this decision. I mean, I really don't think there will be any surprises. And once we're done, we're done. I'll be able to move on with a clean slate." Gina raised her head and kissed Liam passionately on the lips. "What's wrong?" I just don't get it. I mean, how can a mother treat her only child like that? And you're so complacent; how can you accept this so calmly?" Look, Liam, I didn't have the storybook family life that you had growing up. I used to wish it were different, sure. Who wouldn't under those circumstances? Maybe if things had changed after all this time I would feel guilty about being away so long. But since things obviously haven't changed, I don't feel bad about avoiding that part of my life. I'm not that girl anymore." Gina reached over and pulled Liam to her for another kiss. She could feel him losing a little control, but. Allie made as if to protest, but seeing the stern look from Annette, backed off. The twins got into their individual beds which felt very cool and smooth as opposed to the rough sheets used at the home. As soon as Annette left the room Lisa said: "Allie?, I like that!" Allie was a bit tired and groggy and muttered something that sounded like "but I am a boy" and fell asleep. The sun rays came through the windows as Annette opened the curtains and all the memories of what had been happening so far came flooding back to Allie who started crying silently. Lisa was off her bed and when she saw the tears coming from Allie's eyes, she went to her side and hugged her and said, hey, you will get to like this and we finally have the family that we always wanted, and not only that, but we are sisters and I will be with you all the way. This seemed to pacify Allie a bit, alhough she was still quite apprehesive about what was in store. Annette again dressed the twins in their.
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