Neither one of them knowing exactly what to do now. Neither one wanting to make the first move. Kayla was secretly wishing Sara would start something so she could watch. Sara wasn't comfortable enough to take the lead, and was hoping that Kayla would start something. She, however, was the first to speak. “What shall we do with him now?” she asked. Kayla thought for a moment then answered, “Let's have some fun with him.” “Like what?” “Oh, I don't know.” Kayla said “But by the looks of it, he definitely wants some action.” She nodded towards Danny's dick, which was thick and hard and had a small thin string of scout team hanging off of it. “Why don't we tease him a little bit.” “Sounds like fun!” Sara said sounding excited. “Oh, shit!” Danny said as he heard those words. He wondered just what was in store for him now, but had to admit to himself, it did sound like fun. He couldn't wait for one of them to relieve the aching in his cock and balls. Kayla reached out and rubbed. A few times in those early days, he would disappear for a few days and then tell her,"Away on business, love, thinking about you and hope you do the same."It always made her giggle because she hadn't been on a proper date for almost two years before she accidently met Danny in front of the courthouse. She honestly didn't know why she had spoken to him so brazenly except for the fact he looked so sad looking up at the wanted posters of the nasty characters despised by many and hero to many more.It was his tentative kisses and his tender fingers never fumbling and sure of their purpose that convinced her it was time for her to activate her feminine systems once again and give it a go.Her last relationship was an utter disaster and she had the misfortune of seeing her former paramour on a daily basis because he was a respected judge in the county judicial system. She had been attracted to his low-key advances and gave up her youthful body to his lust despite the fact he was married and.
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