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After movie I told my friends that we are going to meet a friend of mine and we left to my friends place. It was around 7pm. I have a close friend who he stays with his gf. And they are quite jolly guys. Happen that they plan to booze since I don’t. I told them to get me cig. We where having good time. And I told them ill cook.As I was busy in kitchen. Sammi and my friend and his gf were having there sip n chatting!! And dinner was almost ready. I called Sammi in to taste. She said “its diff and tasted good. Kash tum mere personal cook hote”. I replied ” I’m quite expensive. ” I asked her if she tried smoking ?She said she had done b4 but not used to it. Then I was making her smoke and was holding her from behind and talking into her ears. Then again she complimented that “dinner is tasty. ” I told her “wish I could taste you instead” :p.She said“ you r crazy. And I like the way you care for me“ I told her “well thanks for noticing :p”. She said “can’t believe that we r so close in a. I took my clothes out I wore a black shirt and dark blue jeans got a good perfume on me I took a cab went to RK beach reaching in time waiting for her. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder I look behind she is shravya the female writer she looks so hot she is wearing a black torn jeans a white t-shirt a black coat on it she had some good figure of 34-30-36. We exchanged the greetings while she got me a present asked me to open you reached Hyderabad we roamed around beach she got so close to me we both walked by holding our hands as the time pass so quick its 7’0 clock we sat on the bench at light house. I look around there are so many couples around us.Shravya: Who you are looking for?Me: No one just counting how many couples around.She laughed at it resting her head on my shoulder. And the weather was so pleasant and breeze was so romantic. I cant controlled my feelings on her I lifted her hand kissing it. Thanks shravya for this amazing night I will never forget you kissed on.
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