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To aage ki kahani kahani ke hero Mitr ki jubaai, Subeh jab utha to dekha didi(sujata) ghar ka kaam kar rahi thi, aur pooja apne dost ke yahan padhne chali gayi thi, meine didi se pucha ke taiji kahan hai, to unhone bataya ke woh khet mein gayi hai abhi aati hi hongi,Mein fresh hua aur didi ne mujhe nashta diya, mera nashta shuru hi hua tha ke taiji kheton se laut aayi, woh uss samay mujhse na baat kar rahi thi na najare mila rahi thi, mein unke aise vyvahar se pareshaan hogaya, unhone apne haath paanv dhoye aur mere pass padi khaat pe aake baith gayi, jab didi kisi kaam se kitchen ke under gayi, to taiji mujhse kehne lagi, ache se khale beta aage bohat mehnat karni hai tujhe, unke chehre pe ek shararat bhari muskaan thi, meri jaan meinJaan aayi, meine kaha taiji mein to kaam karne ke liye humesha taiyaar hun aap bas mauka dijiye, aur unki taraf dekh ke muskurane laga, woh boli mauka to dena padega tune kal itna acha kaam jo kiya hai, phir didi aayi aur humare pass baith ke baat karne. " I turned to face him but he pressed me into the counter and kissed me softly. I smiled into his kiss and returned it. I opened my mouth and teased his lips with my tongue but he pulled away with a grin and said, "Sweetheart, what do you think of letting your sister in on our secret? I know how you feel about her so don't blush like that." He lifted my chin to look at his smiling face. I smiled back at him and nodded. He continued, "Okay, angel, but I think we might have to do a bit of convincing with her, you will help me, right?" "Yes, Daddy." I replied licked my lips slowly as he grabbed my hand and lead me to my little sister's room. He nodded at me and I opened the door slowly. She was on her bed, playing a videogame, fingers rapidly pressing buttons and didn't seem to notice me slip in. I walked up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her swiftly to the bed. She squealed in surprise and dropped the controller so that it clacked on the floor. "Hey!" She said, realizing.
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