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Beth got on the pill right away. After a month of using condoms, we were able to throw away the rubbers. I was always glad that Beth liked the feel of me squirting inside her. She was never prissy and never complained about the wet spot. Of course, I was kind of proud of getting to make a wet spot with such a beautiful woman, so I slept in the mess as often as Beth let me.Beth was serious about doing everything I liked as often as I wanted. It was excellent that we both enjoyed the same things. We never disagreed about what to do or how many times to do it. Sometimes I think Beth would have liked it if I’d been able to go again a time or two on some nights when she was wound up extra tight, but she never complained when my cock refused to get hard no matter what she did, and she never said anything about my flesh being weak because she knew my spirit was willing as hell.It was like heaven on earth to have as much sex as I wanted with no begging, and especially for my wife to be. I figured it might be an open secret that Tess and I were a couple. My little sisters, perhaps, hadn't gotten wind of that, but surely my dad and mom would both know. But we'd have to wait and see, to be certain.Kim, though. That was another story. Kim's part of our relationship wasn't a story we would likely be telling anyone in the Everett household, back in Raleigh.We waited until the next day -- Monday, June 11 -- to start for home. The previous evening had been frenetic. Long after the press conference broke up, Kim (and, to a lesser extent, Tess as well) got detained by tournament officials, LPGA bigwigs, and just loquacious golfing fans who wanted to go over the match, hole-by-hole.We caught a late seafood dinner (again in Aberdeen), managing not to be recognized by anyone, and thus enjoyed a lengthy, relaxing winding-down dinner. We weren't that far away from Chapel Hill. We could make it home tomorrow. Kim had already agreed, enthusiastically, to stay with Tess again during.
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