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He’d never seen Amy, or any girl, totally naked, in person at least. Amy was his first serious girlfriend and over the month they’d been dating the progress they’d made was slow and measured. Neither of them were prudes, they’d just been taking it slow, progressing as their mutual levels of comfort built. They’d gotten as far as some under the clothes third base, and that had been fine with Alan. He knew that eventually they’d go further. But now here they were. He never expected it to be like this, never wanted it to be like this, hated that it was like this. But Amy was about to be totally naked, and while the mammal at the front of his brain told him to look away, the reptile in his brain stem made him watch. Frank pulled the panties down slowly over her thighs. Alan saw as the neatly trimmed patch of black hair between Amy’s legs came into view. Alan felt a battle going on between his body and his brain. Revulsion and arousal stirred and mixed chaotically. He gripped his thigh. He positioned my cock against his entrance with one hand, grabbed my ass with his other, and pulled me toward him. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't think or care about anything. I didn't care that this was a man and I was about to fuck his ass. I didn't care that I didn't have a condom on (though, thankfully in hindsight, it was someone I felt I could trust). I just wanted more pleasure!I pushed at his hole a little and it opened slightly. I pulled back and pushed a little more. Much like a woman's pussy that wasn't entirely wet yet, I slowly poked and prodded at his ass until my head popped in. "Oh yes, that's it," Rick smiled. He really had wanted me for awhile! "Keep going. I want you all the way inside me."I pushed more and then pulled back. I pushed a little more and then pulled back again. I continued this slow approach over and over until I felt my hips hit Rick's thighs. I was inside him completely. "You like that?" I whispered in his ear. "So much!" he.
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