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The shower, the horrible thing on the deck, the awkward dinner and the humiliating spectacle under the stars that followed.It wasn't the things he'd done to her, some of that was actually kind of fun, it was the way he'd done it. First he'd beaten and practically raped her on the porch. Then he'd played with her, mentally and physically, until he'd broken her down into a pathetic, pitiful slut and made her beg him to fuck her. And then, in some twisted act of mean spirited, mind-fucky assholeness, after he'd pushed her to the point of actually begging him to take her, he just came in her face and called her names.How could she not hate him for that?Of course, while she was busy hating him, she was also obsessively fixated on the things he'd done to her body and the things she wished he'd done. Was she really so pathetic that she still wanted the sick creep to have sex with her? The thought of it made her want to vomit.She stretched out on the creaky pull-out mattress and seriously. Remember, this is a special treat for daddy."Amy had Maria put on a French maid costume she had found in one of her mom's drawers. It had a very daring micro-skirt, apron, and a bustier that squeezed Maria's waist and pushed her breasts up and out. The skirt did little to hide the g-string panty that barely covered even Maria's tiny patch of pussy fur. With the little waitress cap to top it off, Maria looked like a walking wet dream.When Frank got home from work, Amy told him to go in the bedroom and get changed into something comfortable for dinner because she had a surprise for him. Amy gave him a few minutes to get down to his under wear before sending Maria in carrying a small tray with a Gin & Tonic on it. Frank's jaw dropped as Maria swished into the room. "Your drink Monsieur," she purred."Who are you?" I am the maid, Monsieur," said Maria looking down at the large bulge in Frank's pants. "Would you like me to service you now, Monsieur?" Without waiting for his answer, Maria.
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