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I was bored to tears, feeling antsy, reliving each moment of my exhilirating evening, regretting now that I hadn't been braver. I'd already brushed the disgusting beer flavor out of my mouth, and now I sat in my pink and blue room imagining how things could've gone differently..would Mike have kissed me?? What would he think of my bikini?? Would he have wanted to...touch me?? My window was open, a gentle summer breeze wafting in through the screen, and with it came the sound of male voices. I peeked outside and was surprised to see Mike and Tony walking down my street towards where I knew they'd parked their car. Recklessly, I called to them from my window. After all, my parents had air conditioning and the tv on in their upstairs bedroom; they wouldn't hear a thing if I was careful.It took them a few moments to find me, and they hurried over. I asked what they were still doing here."Looking for something to do," Mike pouted at me, blue eyes softly accusatory. "We came a. He looked through the peep hole and didnt see anybody standing there so he opened the door to stick his head out in to the hallway, he still didnt see anything when he looked left but when he looked right he noticed his neighbor he had seen before, standing with his back against the wall smiling at him pulling on his big cock through his workout shorts "hi boi" Fred said grinning ear to ear ad the stunned Brandon, Fred walked towards the young man and pushed him back in to the apartment until they were both inside, pushing the door closed behind him, as the door clicked, Fred slipped his hand under his waistline and slid his shorts off with one tug, his big veiny black cock bouncing out freely as he did this, his balls were dark and hung low underneath his shaft which stuck straight out towards Brandon who still couldnt believe what was happening to him. Fred looked over the young man and stepped in closer, using the same hand to slip under the waist of his sweatpants and to firmly.
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