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So you can imagine what my sex life was like in school. Very very little action at all. I had a couple of girlfriends that’s about it. I was able to lose my virginity to a girl but that’s because she need a tutor CAD and couldn’t pay me any money so she offered to fuck me. What can I say I took her up on it because she was good looking, but enough about that.Let me tell you about Amya Yoshida, one of my history professors. She was a stunning beautiful Japanese woman. About 5 foot, slim body that’s to die for, and the warmest personality anyone could ask for. I met her on my first day of college. She was my Introduction to World History professor. For once I actually found history to be enjoyable. She just didn’t stand up there lecturing she had use read different material participate in group activities, write papers, everything that my high school teachers never let us do. I found myself enjoying her so much that every class she was teaching I took. Over the course of my 4 year stay. Surely she must have seen me; the ladder over the panes; my noise climbing, as she walked into the bedroom, wearing that same robe. No reaction, covering and stuff. But this time, she didn’t have it closed in the front and there was a reaction ... from me. I stepped down a rung, thinking I was screened behind the inner curtains.I about fell off the ladder as I caught a brief glimpse of her mature, drooping breasts as she walked to the door to the landing. They were beautiful, even if they did sag a lot. They still stood out from her chest, full and proud. When I remembered to breathe again as she disappeared, I finished the window, and moved to another one. And still, the image of her fine boobs were in my mind. I only had one more window to go, and after getting it done, I climbed down and put the ladder away in the garage, before knocking on the front door. A few seconds went by, until she opened it, now wearing a halter top and a pair of baggier shorts, smiling as he asked “All.
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