Radhika Fucked By A N R I

“Fine, I guess if I have to.” and she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra revealing her two very sexy little breast. Her nipples were dark and perky, simply gorgeous, if only I could touch one of them but I know, that would be against the rules. Now it all came down to this last hand and one of us were going to lose. My heart was racing, I wanted to see the rest of her, I just had to. I shuffled the deck and offered her the cut. She refused and so I went on dealing the two cards. I looked to see what I had. Yuck, I thought. A lousy two and nine of hearts. I flipped up the first three cards, a King of hearts, a ten of spades and a six of hearts. “Ha ha, try beating that” Naomi shouted as she threw her two kings down on the bed. “three of a kind.” “Calm down, I still have to more flips.” Though I really had hardly anything worth looking forward to. I flipped up the fourth card, Queen of clubs. “Face it cuz, you have nothing.” I ignored her chanting and slowly flipped over the. I moaned as he continued to kiss me and when he finally licked my clit I screamed out loud. Fuck, it was good. So fucking good. My nipples were being played with, one man biting at them and sucking as the gentleman carried on licking my clit, I could feel his tongue licking it up and down stopping to suck ever so gently before carrying on. I screamed as I came. My gentleman friend did not let me down. Before I had a chance to move he pulled down his boxers and I could see his huge fat cock ready for me. It felt so fucking good as he slid it inside me, his powerful thighs doing all the work as he thrust deep inside of me. I had time for one slight groan before I found myself groping at the gentleman who had been playing with my tits. I pulled his boxers down and took his cock straight into my mouth. He was hard and big and I could almost taste his precum.I was getting fucked hard and the sound of the two gentlemen groaning was sending me into a frenzy. I needed them to cum, I needed.
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