Pati Ke 2 Doston Ne Hyderabadi Bhabhi Se Chudai Ki

What a coward I was. I looked into Stacey's eyes and hung my head in regret. Then an amazing thing happened.Stacey took my hands in hers and said, "Vincent . . . it's okay. I know this is hard for you." I could hear the disappointment in her voice and wanted to go back in time to continue the kiss, but knew I couldn't. The moment was gone and there was no going back. We could only go on, and that was what I was going to do."Stacey. . . I'm so sorry." I looked into her eyes and wished I could make the hurt go away. "I guess I'm just not ready for this gay love stuff." I know, but I'm glad you tried. It means alot to me." She settled back in to my chest and lay there quietly listening to my heart beat."Stacey I wish I could get past my confusion about you. I like you a lot, but my mind is not allowing me to go any further with you. Not like I want anyway." I know." So why can't I think of you as the beautiful girl you appear to be?" I don't know."I took hold of her hands. I can see now why it was so easy to convince youto forego your manhood and become a willing sissy and how you've nowembraced it with such enthusiasm."I pushed my hair back from my head and thought about it for a minute butI was too drained and struck dumb by the hot flashes I had all morning toreally have any sort of serious psychological discussion. I feltpleasantly disorientated and bit bewildered by my current state."I'm sorry, Helen, I can't think straight now and I feel like a mess," Isaid. "I felt so fresh when I came out of the house this morning and nowmy clothes are all wrinkled and I'm sure my mascara is running. The onlything I can think is who is going to give me my treatment while you andHeidi are gone." I've already taken care of that," replied Helen. "Now take this toweland go upstairs and shower. There is a white sundress laid out on my bedfor you. Just throw the clothes you are wearing in the hamper. I'll makesure they are cleaned and returned to you."I showered,.
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