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”Then she bends her head forward. I close my eyes in expectation of the feeling of her lips on my wet slit but she kisses me on the thigh. It’s like an electric shock and I jump slightly. She giggles and continues. I feel her tongue on the soft skin of my inner thigh. Then the other thigh. I am desperate for her to get to my sex.“Please,” I say. “Please lick my pussy.”“Don’t know what a pussy is,” she is saying between kisses. “Try something else.”“Please, Grace,” I almost plead. I know what she wants and say it. “Please lick my cunt.”“That’s better,” she says to me as she kisses higher on my thigh, teasing me with her lips and tongue. “You have got to be a filthy little whore for me and I will be for you.”My mind is racing. I know what to say. I’ve seen all dad’s films and listened to them. I’ve said them to myself imagining it was someone saying them to me.“Oh I’ll be your little fucking whore,” I tell her. “Now just lick my fuck-hole!”I hear her laugh and her fingers. I could see the lust in her eyes. She really wanted to take that risk. I had read about women that have done that. For one thing, a lot of women say that sex was much more heightened with not taking the contraceptive pill and then there was the added excitement from the risk of getting pregnant by their lover. I remember one American woman’s written account of her time with a black American male. “The sex was out of this world,” she had said.” He was so big and had so much stamina as well. But the most exciting part was taking the risk of getting pregnant. I couldn’t take the pill and condoms just split on him. He used to pull out but sometimes he would have one ejaculation before he managed to pull right out. I used to feel it hitting me inside. It was so good. I wanted to carry on with our cuckolding but I knew that in the end I had to let it go because it would have destroyed us socially.” Abe stepped closer and rested his hand on her shoulder, “I will do my best not to get her.
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