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This is a video of a Muslim Uncle drilling a horny lady in the forest. He is a Desi Muslim Uncle who runs an old Hakeem Dawakhana in Hyderabad from many years. He is a well known Hakeem of the area and people respect him a lot. He is a master of his profession and people come from very far off places for various problems.

One day, he was at his Dawakhana, preparing his medicines, when a young and beautiful lady walked in. She told this Muslim Uncle that she was suffering from back ache from past 5 days. He told her that he had oral medicines for it. She told him that she was having oral medicines but it was not working. She had heard that he used to give a very relaxing massage using the herbs and mixtures of leaves and shrubs.

He asked her to lie down on the stretcher bed and pull her kameez up, so that he could massage her. She followed his instructions and lied down. She got turned on while he massaged her and grabbed his dick. He told her that it was not safe here. They decided to meet near the old fort behind which was the forest where he took her for a fuck session.

Hakeem Muslim Uncle having sex with his patient in the forest

In this video, this Muslim Uncle, who is a Hakeem takes his lady patient to the jungle and fucks her there. They got naked in the forest and he placed a camera to record their sex session. Then he lied down naked and she started stroking his dick. She played with his dick and started giving him a blowjob. Then this Muslim Uncle started fingering this horny lady.

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