Cute Couple Fucking 2 Clips Part 1

So Marty, you are a good guy, you pay for your children even though you are divorced, you have a place to live, you have a job, why the girls not want you? I don't understand?Eve, girls want more I guess. Besides I'm not good looking.You like my looks Marty?Eve, you are beautiful.Salamat, you know what that means Marty?Yes, the guys told me it means 'thank you, ' and you are welcome Eve, but you really are good looking.Marty you are pogi.What does Pogi mean Eve?It mean handsome Marty. You are handsome.Marty, I have some shopping to do. You want to help come with me and maybe help me carry a bag home?Sure, I'd be happy to do that. Where are we going first?And off we go grocery shopping. Eve has no car and she buys only what she can carry home. With my extra hands she can get some more. As we are shopping she asks me if I will stay with her for supper. I tell her sure so long as I can pay for the groceries.She says: Deal!You know those discount cards we use at our supermarkets, well. ’ ‘You haven’t reached heaven, angel girl. That was just a short shuttle trip to let you sample one of the many pleasures on your journey.’ ‘I might have to cancel the reservation,’ I said. ‘I may not be strong enough to make the trip.’ ‘That’s why you start with a short trip, sweetie. You have to build your strength with lots of trial runs.’ For a few minutes I just rested. I was covered with sweat and it felt like I had a small lake under my ass. ‘Did someone have sex in this room?’ I asked. ‘I smell sex.’ ‘Maybe’ she said. ‘I need a shower and some clean bedding. If this bed is as wet as it feels, we may have to go buy a new mattress.’ ‘You are indeed a woman of bountiful fluids,’ she said. ‘I felt like you peed in my face one time.’ ‘No wonder my mouth is so dry,’ I said, as I struggled to get out of bed. ‘Get your ass in here and clean up your mess,’ I told her as I headed for the shower. We showered together, which took nearly an hour due to frequent interruptions for.
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