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It helped, too, that she had developed into a beautiful young woman. He enjoyed watching her around the house.They settled into a routine, living in the house they grew up in. Mitch got a job at the local engineering firm that he had interned with the summer before. Jamie finished her sophomore year of high school and got a summer job as a lifeguard at the pool. Jamie was enjoying her summer. She loved being a lifeguard. She got to soak up the sun, flaunt her developing body, and enjoy the attention of the guys. She never accepted any dates that were offered to her, though. It just didn't feel right to her. She didn't want to worry Mitch. He was the one who was allowing her to continue with her life uninterrupted and she wanted to do everything she could to make it as easy as possible for him. She just wanted to enjoy the summer, working and spending time at home with her brother. She really enjoyed being around him. She also enjoyed the way he sometimes looked at her.Mitch was. We used to have lots of fun mocking each others personality, I never had lust for her, I always adored her beauty but never gave compliments to her, instead I used to make fun of her personality, which made her feel that I m different to others as everyone used to give her fake compliments so that they can get close to her and I used to be very genuine with her, which she liked. Once our friend group planned to watch a movie together, so I happen to sit next to her she touched my lap while taking the popcorn, I don’t know whether it was accidental or not I was happy,i did not react that time, this happened again and again, popcorn was over but she kept touching my lap and pretending as if there is some popcorn left, movie got over I didnt say anything, I had a bike that time so I asked her whether I can drop her home and she instantly replied with a yes, on the way I asked her whether she likes me and she replied saying she likes me as a friend, I was shocked here as I thought that.
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