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I am a member of Oak Hills United Methodist Church attending with my parents.”Rachel smiled at that. My guess was that she had this argument with her father regularly. I was on her side but was trying not to be overly involved. It was a matter of belief and I didn’t think logic would interfere with Mister Stevenson’s ideas. Fortunately, he let it drop.Rachel released my hand to go into the kitchen. She returned moments later to announce that, “Dinner was ready.” Her father headed to the dining room that I could see. I went into the kitchen behind Rachel.I said, “Is there anything I can carry into the dining room?”Rachel smiled. She also handed me a bowl of mashed potatoes. “They go on the pad to Dad’s left.” I nodded and carried them out. Rachel and her mother carried the rest. We sat down to a long prayer. All of us responded with an “amen.” After serving plates, we ate. The food was quite good and I complimented Missus Stevenson.Rachel smiled at that. I wasn’t sure about her. Mikos staying with his mate as they all three climbed the stairs. Theta had been bored though she had to admit the rest had done wonders for her. A sudden commotion in the hallway drew her attention to the door.With a roll of her eyes she watched as her mother, the Doctor and Mikos swept into her room. Perhaps the Doctor was here to release her back to duty, this sleeping was more than she could stand having to stay in bed."Hello Theta, I am here to check on you. If you are as well as you appear then I can release you back to duty. That is after we finish some other official business." The Doctor told her. Was that why Mikos was here? To take her back to central? The look on his face seemed to show that there was something else going on.It was a good ten spectons later when Henna nodded and stood. "Am I allowed to return to duty?" Theta asked hopefully."Yes, you have made a full recovery. That being said," Henna drew her sword, again from an extremely well hidden place. "My mate laid.
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