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My boss assured me that it would take no more than 4 days. WRONG! It took 10 days. By the time I was returning home it was July 3rd and I was dead tired. Kayko accepted the news of my later arrival in stride just as she always has. She knows that my job is what keeps us afloat and allows for the many nice things we can do. But no matter how you slice it, it still sucks to be away from home for such long periods of time. When the wheels touched down at OHare I was happy as a clam. Another hour and forty five minutes and I would be home again. Hot damn, because the beast was already beginning to stir! I might have been a little tired from the last 2 weeks in Europe, but that last mile and a half to the house had me wide awake. I was really looking forward to being home. At the house the cab let me out in the driveway. It was 2 in the afternoon but it felt like I had just stepped out into a frying pan. Hot would be an understatement to describe what it felt like. The drought in the area. No more than 20 she was in a bit of alcove surrounded by 4 men. Her white dress had oversized loose fitting openings for her arms. With no bra she was giving all the men an easy view of her firm young boobs and large pink nipples. She smiled and laughed as she put on this sexy show. One of the women with rather large breast had taken off her jacket. In doing so she revealed a top so sheer that it was see through. She wore a flesh colored shelf bra that lifted her boobs and allowed her nipples to be fully displayed. Like Babbs, her nipples were hard and extended. The sight off these women displaying themselves in a room full of people gave Babbs a thrill she had not felt before. It seemed like the reception had just started when it was time for dinner. Babbs was seated next to Mr. Darrien at the head table. The conversation was mainly between the men with little attention paid to the women. They almost appeared to be accessories. When the dinner was complete, the women were asked to.
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