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In fact her entire body was a mixture of hard work in the gym and fabulous genetics. Stripping out of her stage costume she rifled through the rail trying to find on outfit that suited her mood pissed off and fed up. Selecting what she wanted she walked over to her mirror and dumped it over the back of the chair. Sitting down she picked up her brush and started to get ready.Fifteen minutes later Kelly studied her reflection and nodded to herself. Dam she looked good, she thought. Her long hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail tied at the nape of her neck. Her curvaceous figure was hidden beneath a figure hugging jacket and tiny skirt. Slowly turning she noted the seams on her stockings were pencil straight and the lacy tops were held fast with the black straps of a belt. The black contrasted nicely with her creamy skin and showing her ass to the mirror she smiled as she saw the skirt barely covered the curve of her bottom. As she rotated she smoothed invisible creases from the. They had joint custody of Maria. Mark just didn't want to fight it. He said he was just going to make sure his daughter was well taken care of. He had to take out another loan to pay her portion. He did get the house and most everything in it.Over the last couple of years he visited with us and always had Maria with him. She loved my wife, her grandmother. I believe it is because my wife is a very caring person. She did everything with Maria. They would go shopping, play games, ride bikes and anything else you could think of.Maria often cried when she had to go home. My wife told her she would see her again soon. In fact my son bought her a cell phone and she calls my wife every week.I haven't talked with Sarah since we heard about her cheating. If she calls to talk to Mark or Maria when they are at our house, I just hand them the phone. I can't forgive her for what she did to my son and his marriage. Our whole family dislikes her now.As I mentioned our son hardly ever tells us.
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