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. I guess Tony already told you the good news. You are not an expectant father. But now the bad news... One of the tests we ran was a sperm count, this shows how likely you are to get a girl pregnant... The results shows you have a low sperm count.... Now this doesn't mean that it is impossible for you to get a girl pregnant but that it is a hit and miss thing. Aunt Meg was waiting for me down stairs, I told her what the doctor had said... she smiled and said I could still come visit her. I told her maybe later I still had some thinking to do. All day Friday the rumor mills were working overtime. Three girls getting pregnant by the same person at the same time … Well I guess that was something to talk about. Just before final bell I was called to the office. Mrs Barnes was back and ready for my tutoring session Saturday at 10am. Saturday morning I rode my bike to Ms Barnes house, I knocked on her door and a strange beautiful lady answered. She was about Mrs Barnes height with. . uh..." Brandi knew she was stuttering, almost tongue-tied in the presence of the neighborhood Romeo. "I... have to go get changed. I'm going to wash the car." Where's Joel?" Oh, he had band practice this afternoon. Won't be home for a couple of hours." Why did I say that? she thought."Hey, why don't I help you?" Oh, I wouldn't want to bother..." Bother? Since when is it a bother to spend some time with a foxy lady." Oh, Chico. You are such a flirt!" she laughed."Yeah, I can flirt. And then there are times when..." Uh, I'd better go get changed. If you really want to help, there's a pail and some car wash soap in the garage." Great, see you in a minute," he said as she retreated into the house.Brandi closed the door and leaned back against it for a moment. What are you doing? she thought. You're acting like an adolescent instead of a twenty-eight year old mother. He's only seventeen!Yet as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom to change clothes, her heart skipped a beat when she.
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