PART 1: Swallows/Deeptrhoat Teen GIRL Takes It All In The The Lagoon

About an hour into the hike, blazing his way through the woods stopped to drink water and take a short break. Peeling his shirt off to cool off a bit he sat on a rock and popped open his bottle and gulped down a couple mouthfuls of water and then his ears perked up. Looking around, not sure if he heard anything, he quietly listened……. nothing. A few more moments and he took another sip, mid sip he heard something again, very faintly. He was more sure of the sound this time but still had no idea what it might be. Packing up his bag, tossing his shirt into the pack as well, he tried to follow his ears to source. He moved quietly, figuring he might be treated to the sight of some wildlife in the area. The sounds got more steady, a low whimpering almost, lightly carried across the air. Slowly he approached the sounds and found himself on the edge of a clearing. The sight that beheld him froze him in his tracks and made him stop even breathing. A large open clearing, clear save for a few. So that was it, the decision made. Sam made the final arrangements, and the following weekend we went to Sam's.We set off early Saturday morning and arrived at Sam's mid-morning. Sam came rushing out, the movement of her t-shirt told me she wasn't wearing a bra. She greeted Pat first. Then Sam kissed me, a warm, welcoming kiss.I took the opportunity and put my hand between her legs and squeezed her pussy."For fuck's sake, Gary, take the bags in, you will have time for that later," Pat snarled.We had a coffee and sat and chatted for a while. Pat said she wanted to unpack and was sure Sam and I would find something to do while she did.We all went down the hallway, Pat entered our room, Sam and I to hers. Sam took her t-shirt off and threw it onto the bed. Her slightly sagging breasts looked great. Next, she wriggled out of her shorts, no panties so now she was naked. Her pussy was shaved and smooth, just the way I remember it.Sam knelt in front of me and released my shaft. Before she.
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