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I just think of you and I am a goner. But that is not like being with you because I love you so much.’ I aim to fill that void in our lives regularly, it is a crying shame that a woman like Debs has waited so long. I am taking up a job with Sky local news just undertaking local reporting. I shall miss the excitement of reporting overseas but it is a sacrifice I need to make. And anyway, it will enable me to have more time for my writing projects too But though I am late Debs lets me in through the door, and greets me with a wonderful open hug , guiding me into the kitchen and fixing me something to eat and drink. The male in me would much rather want to put that aside for later and be beside her to snuggle up and share her body with mine. But a woman’s practicality being what it is, I resolved that the best thing was for me to get my hunger buds sorted before anything else, and with Debs commenting on the way to my heart was through my stomach and that is what her Mum always said, I. Nothing inherently sexual, just fun.We’d head to the local gay bar. It’s the only gay bar in the entire city, so you’ll find even just bi-curious people, or even just straight people, there. I hear it’s great.The girls and I would find a table. One of the girls would get the first round of drinks. I don’t drink so often, but I probably would have a little one. We’d chit-chat for a while, make jokes, poke fun at some of the guys there. At some point, I imagine, a guy would come to our table and ask us to dance with them. He’d be your usually pub guy; blue jeans, short sleeved t-shirt, slightly hairy arms, thick musk. He’d talk to all of us, including me. I’d be shy at first, but after being quite insistent, the girls would get me to join them.We’d be on the dance floor. Nervously, I’d start dancing, but not out of arms reach of the girls. Eventually, the guy will move his way across the dance floor to me. He’d start putting his hand on my waist, and… I won’t stop him. He’d start.
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